We. Grow. Churches

Who is ChurchPad?

ChurchPad is a complete church management software that seeks to address the core and expanding needs of churches, with a wide array of unique but connected products. ChurchPad was looking to grow and build, but first, they needed a voice and platform that widened their reach. We worked closely with ChurchPad to identify their brand voice and develop their unique and powerful brand identity: We. Grow. Churches. We developed their eye-catching website to give them a platform and provided SEO and social strategy to ensure that their voice is heard.

What we did

+  Brand Identity
+  Web Development 
+  Social Strategy 
+  SEO 

A New Identity

We developed a new identity for ChurchPad. With vibrant colors and easily recognizable product icons, we crafted a brand that sets them apart from the rest. ChurchPad’s mission is to empower churches to deepen community and create the ultimate church experience.

A Powerful Price Calculator

ChurchPad wanted a smart sign up system for customer sign-ups. We developed a custom and intelligent price calculator to provide a self-serve to start free trials or initiate monthly subscriptions.

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