Sienna Collective

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Who is Sienna Collective?

Sienna Collective is a boutique cannabis retail shop and consumption lounge that will provide an unparalleled experience, education, and accessibility. Their goal is to eradicate the stigma associated with cannabis use and create a cannabis brand that customers trust and value.

What we did

+  Brand Identity
+  Web Development 

Our Design Story

Sienna Collective came to us to create branding for their company, bringing awareness to the cannabis industry’s opportunities. They wanted a professional yet modern design that didn’t incorporate the generic and overused cannabis leaf. Through smooth colors and engaging visuals, we provided a modern and sleek look to their website.

The Mission

Sienna Collective’s mission is to push to mainstream the use of sophisticated cannabis enthusiasm. We crafted a section on the site with motion graphics where visitors can learn about the cannabis industry and Michigan.

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