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Ensure that all of your customers can have the same fun website experience. Recently, there have also been laws passed in the United States to enforce ADA compliance.

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Why This Matters

ADA Compliance

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) protects people with disabilities from discrimination. As a result, businesses are responsible for ensuring their service are provided in a manner that’s accessible, equitable, and inclusive.

Since the DOJ has officially taken the stance that business websites should meet specific accessibility standards, Kingdom Branding believes that you should protect yourself and others by ensuring your website is ADA-compliant.

Will this affect me?

As a business owner, preventing unexpected costs like an accessibility lawsuit should be a top priority. 

You have two options: Comply or take a significant risk of lawsuits by not complying.

If you choose to comply, we have a simple, streamlined solution for you! Kingdom Branding has partnered with accessiBe to provide an ADA compliant solution for your website!

accessiBe is the leading AI-powered web accessibility solution that makes websites accessible to people with disabilities, and compliant with the WCAG, ADA, and other accessibility legislation.

Every industry has to comply with web accessibility regulations, yet not all fields have been affected equally. Here are some industries that are at risk of being affected the most: 

Why use accessiBe?

User friendly

Easy, fast implementation

Accessible & Inclusive

Persons with various disabilities can adjust how they view and interact with your website without interfering with the codebase, layout or design

Checks every 24 hours

accessiBe re-scans and re-analyzes your website every 24 hours to maintain ADA and WCAG compliance

Personalized Reports

Receive personalized reports that you can use to prove compliance

Here to help

Kingdom Branding will install and configure accessiBe on your behalf

Watch how accessiBe works

PLUS: You can try it for yourself on this page! Click the  icon on the bottom of the screen.

What are the pricing plans for accessiBe?

There are two budget-friendly options to choose from…


  • Plugin Updates
  • Personalized Reports
  • Install & Configuration


  • Plugin Updates
  • Personalized Reports
  • Install & Configuration

Save $150 For websites under 1,000 unique pages

Make your site ADA compliant today!

You can sign up at accessiBe’s website directly OR fill out the form below if you’d prefer us to handle everything!

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