Working From Home and making the best out of the situation | Part 2

Last week, we talked about the trend of working from home, and we offered five tips for business owners who have to get used to working from home for maybe a few more weeks. We hope you found this helpful.

It’s been a rough past few weeks for a lot of small businesses, and at Kingdom Branding, we’re still offering our 15-min online consultation sessions on Fridays.

Here’s the link to schedule.

This week, we’ve got more tips to help you make the best of working from home.

1. Find a quiet space:

This is easier said than done, especially if you have kids at home. It can be hard for your kids to come to terms with you being in the house and being unavailable. But again, no one’s going to mind if your kids pop into your Zoom calls every now and then.

Well, you might want to keep an eye on them.


2. Set up a work playlist: 

You can create a work playlist on Spotify or search for a playlist that helps you focus. For some people, slow instrumentals help them concentrate while for others, they’d rather listen to scores or epic music that keeps their adrenaline flowing. We love Spotify (sorry iTunes/Apple Music)Amazon Alexa and Google Home.

Just don’t get distracted.


3. Stay connected to your team: 

How much interaction do you need to feel connected? Make a conscious effort to communicate with colleagues, but keep it at a minimum. We are social creatures, and no one can exist as an island. Make use of collaboration tools such as SlackWorkplace by Facebook or Microsoft Teams. Socialize with colleagues and share your wins and challenges. Your colleagues can be a useful resource, especially during this period.

We can have a little chat when I’m done with all my work for the day.


4. Be careful who’s in your meeting/at your front door: 

Zoom has had to update their software a few times in the past few days due to hackers and strangers dropping uninvited in meetings or classrooms. Oh the horror! Keep zoom updated baby! And speaking of security, we recommend ADT or Google Nest Video Doorbell (Sorry Ring but we’re not fans at the moment)It’s important to have extra peace of mind as you work.

I’m watching you, so, don’t do anything funny.


5. Set alarms for breaks:

 Many people are having zoom lash already. Schedule those stretch breaks. You can use your iPhone’s timer (Android readers are rolling their eyes), TimeOut, or SmartBreak.

During your breaks, you can do a little exercise or stretch. Exercising does an excellent job of boosting endorphins, which affect happiness, enjoyment, and interest levels. Stretching can also improve body posture and decrease stress levels. Be sure to take an hour lunch break and at least two 15-minute breaks within your day, so you don’t feel stressed.

Take a break. You deserve it.


6. Stay positive: 

We’re all in this together. Write motivational sticky notes and stick them on your wall, Macbook Pro, or any surface that is likely to grab your attention. Listen to short motivational videos to keep you moving. Words can be very powerful, and they can spark creativity, positivity, and drive. YouTube takes the cake on this one.

Always! Can’t stress this enough.


7. Use this opportunity to grow: 

There are so many perks of being at home. Remember, the structure of your day is in your hands. You have a lot of time on your sleeves. You don’t have to commute or get in the tight morning traffic. You can make a meal that you haven’t cooked in a while because you never had time to do so. You have healthy meal options now so you can dedicate time to preparing a healthy meal. You can take into an interest or a hobby — something to keep you occupied. You can read or take an online course. Check out Amazon KindleAudible or SideChef: Recipes+Meal Planner.

Top it off with a mark of perfection


What works best for you? Post it in the comments below.

Also, feel free to leave your suggestions in the comment section. Your opinions can help another business owner overcome these tumultuous times.

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