Windy Indie

A classically trained violinist hailing from the West Side of Chicago.

Who is Windy Indie?

Windy Indie is an independent, classically trained violinist on a mission to bridge the gap between music and education. She came to us with almost no previously developed brand identity or consistent social media look and feel, so we got to work using her inspiring story to create a logo and website, as well as video and photo assets.


What we did

+  Brand Identity
+  Web Development 
+  Social Strategy 
+  Album/Single Cover Art
+ Photography
+ Email Marketing
+ Video Production

Our Design Story

We developed a brand identity for Windy Indie from scratch, using her love of Chicago, as well as her violin, as the inspiration for her logo. We developed her website and social media presence with custom photo and video assets, which required a photoshoot and professional video production.



The new site features a comprehensive, easy-to-use form for performance bookings and inquiries. The form gathers important information like dates and the type of event, allowing her to make effective scheduling decisions and follow-up with clients in a timely manner.

Thank You

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