How differences can unite, rather than divide us.

What is Unfettered?

Unfettered is a podcast focused on the unfiltered narration of failures, losses, successes, and triumphs that characterize the life of industry leaders and celebrated heroes. It creates a juxtaposition between serious and comforting conversations

What we did

+  Brand Identity
+  Podcast Art
+  Web Development 
+  Social Strategy 
+  SEO

The Cover

An “Unfettered” podcast that promotes having unfiltered and complicated conversations deserves a thought-provoking and unique brand. We provided the host, Adebayo Adeleke, with a bold, powerful, and inviting brand. 

Bridging Spaces

Adebayo Adeleke came to us with a desire to expand his brand.
He was eager to create a platform that would foster debatable, complicated, unfiltered conversations with the sole aim of portraying the unifying power and beauty of difference. We found a nice, sweet melting pot for conflict and resolution in visual identity. The result is phenomenal.

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