Senator Robert Peters

South Side Raised, Illinois Reimagined

Who is Senator Robert Peters?

Robert Peters is the Senator of the 13th District of Illinois. With a focus on rebuilding, reinvesting and reimagining his community, Senator Peters has been making monumental change throughout the state of Illinois. Focusing on people power, Senator Peters imagines a community with justice for all and to live a life we all deserve.

What we did

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Our Design Story

We created a website that adds value to what Senator Robert Peters is about. For those of you who don’t know the Senator, you will find that he wants to bring about change, not only in the city of Chicago, but throughout the state of Illinois. He is passionate about his work and is continuously advocating for the people in his community by passing balanced budgets, focusing on criminal justice reform, creating clean energy jobs and fighting for the quality of public school education in the entire 13th Senate District of the city of Chicago. We created a Take Action hub for Senator Peters, that allows people to spread the word, volunteer, register to vote and support local organizations that are creating change for the community.

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