NITU Wellness

Reintroducing herbal medicine to the modern world.

What is NITU Wellness?

NITU Wellnes is a holistic supplement company that came to us looking to build credibility and drive leads in their market. We provided a Shopify Website that strategically places calls to actions so users are encouraged to buy.

What we did

+ Web Design
+ Shopify Website Development
+ Content Development
+ Paid Ads
+ Video Development

Bringing NITU to life

NITU Wellness, a Black/African-owned herbal supplement company came to us and asked us to create a Shopify account and website to sell their valued products, promoting generations of holistic practice and healing to the body through ancestral herbal treatments & medicines that have been practiced in the motherland for centuries.

So we created a website that was clean, with earthy tones, and brought the super plants back to the healing properties of NITU Wellness. The Client also wanted us to create content for their Social media platforms.

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