Amara for Chicago

All People. All Voices. One City.

Who is Amara Enyia?

When a new type of candidate walks into the campaign arena, they need a new type of messaging: a bold one. Amara Enyia was a mayoral candidate in Chicago who was passionate about returning the city’s power to the people. We stepped in to tell her story with a customized brand identity and supported her throughout the campaign through website development, social media strategy, email outreach, merchandise design, and more.

What we did

+  Brand Identity
+  Web Development 
+  Social Strategy 
+  Email Marketing 
+  SEO 
+  Merch

Our Design Story

Amara’s campaign was driven by People Power; by the idea of switching the city’s leadership paradigm from top-down to bottom-up. We designed her logo as an inverted triangle to simply and elegantly convey that message. We placed one of the stars of the Chicago flag at the triangle’s center to root her campaign in the place that Amara and her voters call home.

The Campaign

Kingdom Branding acted as Amara’s Creative Team throughout her run for mayor, providing ongoing support in web development, social media strategy, email outreach, video creation, merchandise design, and more. We were on the ground with her every step of the way, attending and providing coverage for rallies, forums, and community events, and delivering on-brand messaging at every opportunity.

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