What is Creative Confidence & How to Build It Within

Creativity is your birthright. It comes in many forms. Creativity does not mean one must paint or dance. Our ability to have a vision and lean into our desires is creative. Problem-solving comes from our inner creativity. Creativity is part of who we are.

It’s hard to imagine how many creative ideas don’t make it. We don’t allow those ideas of ours to see the light of day. The vision is there. You see it; the thought pops up, and it’s fast. And, as fast as it arrives (the lightbulb moment), we flip the switch and dim the light. Creativity is fleeting when we let it be that way.

Are creative people different from the rest of us? How do they ignite all those sparks within and keep them lit? Does it seem like they’ve got something the rest of us don’t have? If you’re asking this question, you’re not alone. Researchers have studied creativity for decades. Many in the industry speak openly about it; creativity is attainable even if you swear it’s not for you.

Developing creative confidence has a lot to do with mindset. So, it’s not a question of if you’re creative. The question is, “How will you develop and nurture your creativity?”

What is creative confidence in the first place?

“Creative confidence is the notion that you have big ideas, and that you have the ability to act on them.” – David Kelly, Co-Founder IDEO.

Opt-In to Creative Confidence

Here’s the kicker. You’ve got to buy into the idea that you are creative. At some point in your development, there was a turning point. Your great idea wasn’t so great. Someone somewhere dismissed it. You crumpled up that piece of art and tossed it in the trash with your creative confidence.

A shield goes up in this kind of situation. Why be creative when it’s so risky? It’s easier to declare, “I’m not creative.” But you have ideas. You have thoughts, dreams, and goals that, if only you could explain, the world would change. Or at least the collective goal you’ve been working on with your team in the boardroom for the last hour.

You leave it all on the table when you don’t opt into your creativity. Someone else will have a similar idea, and they’ll move forward with it. It might not be as good, but it survived. You’ve got to understand that before you tap into your creative confidence, you must first opt into it. Believe in it.

Here are 5 Ways to Build Your Creative Confidence Now

How does it feel? Now that you’re armed with an unwavering belief that you, too, are creative, you’ll want to build on it. Here are five ways you can develop and grow your creative confidence.

Get Over the Fear of Being Creative

As with anything in life, you’ll never get it if you don’t go for it. The barrier of fear will kill your creative confidence. If you think creative people don’t fail, think again. They fail more than anyone you know. They fail over and over. They know something you’re still figuring out. Failing is the way forward.

Stop Comparing

Creativity will surge when you let go of worrying about what others think. Consider the times you’ve expanded on an idea. You knew it was good, but once you worried about what others might think, you brought it in a notch (or ten). Comparison compresses creativity.

To build your creative confidence, move forward with your ideas, the full-out, not watered-down version of your ideas. Don’t worry about what strangers on the internet will say or the critical voices closest to you.

Take The First Step

Take a step, any step. Getting over fear is good, and letting go of what others think is even better. Next, it’s putting pen to paper (or whatever form your creativity comes through).

It may be nothing or something. What taking the first step does is it helps you connect with the truth that you are creative. It’s hard to argue with that point when you get to work, even if it’s terrible. Remember the whole bit about failing forward.

Ignite The Spark

What do you do if the ideas aren’t coming to you? Consider adding some fuel to your creative fire. Creativity can start as a small amber of light, and you have the power to ignite it and let it take over. To help ignite the spark, you could:

– Go for a walk

– Get curious and ask lots of questions

– Use your imagination

– Ask for help. 

Reclaim Your Creative Confidence

If you’ve lost your creative confidence or think you never had it in the first place, there’s one thing that helps most. Take action. Action is creative fuel when it comes down to it. Everything we’ve told you above doesn’t matter if you don’t do the thing. Whatever your thing is, it’s up to you to bring that vision to life.

When was the last time you let go of your fears to follow your dreams and create something meaningful? That’s where creative confidence is. On the other side of fear, you’ll create something so significant and inspire others. You’ll solve problems and even change the world.

You’ve got a vision to make a significant impact in this world. We’re a creative partner for brands that rule. We’re ready to help you develop beautiful and functional creative solutions at Kingdom Branding. Start creating.

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