Tech Fatigue: Conserving Your Energy

Working From Home

If 2020 taught us anything about life with the pandemic, it’s this: Time and human connection are vital to our very existence. In comparison, some of us learned to find value in simple things and realized how essential family and friends are to our wellbeing. Social gatherings in any aspect add value to our mental health and physical health because it brings us into our physical space in relation to loved ones or friends. Some of us have learned many skills; we’ve become master chefs with home cooking, realizing that a home gym is just as good as an actual fitness center for some of us, and a small space can become a home office. We’ve invested in lighting, backgrounds, cameras, webcams, speakers, and microphones all to have webinars or zoom/skype calls. 

We can agree on this one attribute; it requires the discipline to stay focused on our daily tasks while working from home due to the discomfort that comes from a monotonous stuck-at-home routine and mentality. Working from home has become the new normal for many companies and businesses. As a result, we find ourselves being absorbed by screens and technology. Tech fatigue has become nascent since this new reality of virtual calls, conferences, school events, and even weddings.

What Is Tech Fatigue, and What Can You Do About It? – Make Tech Easier

What is Tech Fatigue?

In a nutshell, tech fatigue comes to those who are not born with the natural tendencies to understand technology’s practicality with every facet of our daily lives. There is no integration of wires in our human framework to understand technology. It is not something innate for us as humans to understand and as a result, this can feel exhausting. Tech fatigue comes from being constantly surrounded by screens through our phones, computers, televisions, or other devices at home. We are overwhelmed with notifications and announcements of new developments in software and tech. Tech fatigue might be one of those things that makes you grumpy, without even knowing, as the barrage makes its way to your news feed daily. 

For instance, how many screens or mobile apps do you need? How many do you use daily? Are you the next in line for the next big thing in tech? Unless it’s drastically better for you and what you aim to achieve, reconsider why you feel the need to purchase a new product. For example, does the list of features provide contextual information about usability, comparative features, benefits, or other characteristics that can help you prioritize? Can it provide information that can help you identify whether the tool would be appropriate for a user like you?

Remember that notifications are a constant distraction to our everyday living. There are loads of messages sent to our devices, and sometimes you have to turn them off to get the job done. Remember: discipline. Ever heard the word zoomed out or zoom fatigue? This term refers to always being on zoom calls per day, and as a result, you are exhausted from the constant use of virtual callback-to-back meetings and screening.

Disruptive Fatigue

How to avoid tech fatigue

There are ways and means to reduce Tech Fatigue. Sometimes all it takes is just walking from your screens. Here are a few ways to reduce tech fatigue:

  • Prioritize your time between work and home life. 
  • Move around to have good circulation.
  • Switch off your cameras off on non-important web calls.
  • Allocate your office time while you work.
  • Switch off notifications when on an urgent task.
  • Keep yourself hydrated.
  • Exercise regularly.
  • Eat healthily.
  • Get an adequate amount of sleep.
  • Stay focus on your goals.
  • Know when to cut-off work, get off work.

While others are thriving in this environment, others are finding it challenging to keep up with technology. However, all is not lost!! There is hope that we will move into better times, a better way of coping with this new era of technology even if working from home is the new norm.

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