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Happy Birthday, Stephanie!
Thank you for being the heart & soul of this company.
Today, we celebrate you!

ACT 1:

When Rotimi Kehinde founded Kingdom Branding five years ago with the vision of becoming an all-service creative partner for businesses and non-profit organizations around the world, not a soul could foresee their impact on the Illinois political landscape. As an immigrant business owner from Nigeria, Rotimi worked tirelessly to build and develop Kingdom Branding over the course of 10+ years. After freelancing and working as a solopreneur for many years, in 2017 Rotimi volunteered as Creative Director for Amara Enyia’s mayoral campaign. Without knowing, this decision radically changed the trajectory of the company in just short five years, not only because they were able to take on 22 political clients many from Illinois, but because this is where Rotimi met Stephanie Picado.


In 2017, Stephanie Picado was a fresh Graphic Design college graduate from Marquette University’s Institute of Art & Design. Struggling to find an entry-level design job, Stephanie was working part-time at a pet store when found the opportunity to freelance for Amara Enyia’s campaign. However, Stephanie’s history begins outside of the United States, two generations back in Costa Rica. Her grandfather was an avid painter and artist who designed birds native to Costa Rica and comics and cartoons. He was also a sculptor, freelancer, and business owner of his own advertising agency. He also became Director of Graphic Design at the Costa Rican publication,  La Nation. His love and passion for animals, nature, and color come from his native homeland. Stephanie’s uncle also became Director of one of the biggest agencies in Costa Rica, Grupo Garnier. In 1982, Stephanie’s parents immigrated to the United States and settled in Chicago, Illinois. Historically, Chicago is well known for its artistic culture and using design as means of resistance. These two homelands, Costa Rica and Chicago significantly have shaped Stephanie’s design spirit. 

ACT 1:

Attending Von Steuben Metropolitan Science Center with caring and passionate teachers who who empowered young women specifically underrepresented in the technology industry opened the door to a world of possibilities. Stephanie’s natural curiosity and desire to learn paired with the pressing societal issues arising at the time: immigration policy, the DREAM act, Black Lives Matter, climate change and global warming, fostered a unique perspective and awareness to not only her own lived experience, but the shared lived experience and struggle of her peers. 

ACT 2:

Stephanie’s passion for art, sustainability, and environmental and social justice are inherent within her culture and family’s legacy. Now, she is using these motivations within her professional work and leaving her imprint on Illinois’ political presence on the national stage and on the digital landscape. It goes without saying that her future is bright, and she will continue to leave her mark in the branding and marketing realm. Her clear focus and invigorating love and spirit for her work genuinely gives us only a glimpse of the lasting impression she is sure to have. We are incredibly excited for her future and look forward to seeing her genius thrive! Stephanie Picado’s purpose is leading this work as a young first-generation Latina, and she is a model to us all. Felicidades Stephanie! Que orgullo y esperamos que tus herencia te siga guiando hacia tu futuro. Eres un ejemplo para todes nosotrxs! ¡Feliz cumpleaños! 


In her early days at Kingdom Branding, Stephanie was strictly a graphic designer, creating social banners, logos, ads, brochures, etc. Within a year and a half, Stephanie grew her skills exponentially developing content strategy, UI/UX design, and websites optimized for every device quickly being promoted to Kingdom Branding’s Creative Director. Stephanie’s goal oriented and solution-focused approach to design has allowed her to deliver exactly what our clients look for: innovative, clean, and refreshing design. 

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Happy Birthday, Steph!

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