Yetunde Teriba

Highlighting contributions to women, gender, and development in the African Union.

Brand Identity • Web Development • Book Development • Editing • Book Cover Design • Video Production

Who is Yetunde Teriba?

We all want to leave a legacy. Mrs. Yetunde Teriba, a women’s rights leader within the African Union, came to Kingdom Branding with a desire to share her legacy and inspire others. She wanted a platform for her memoir, hoping that it would become a catalyst for continued conversations around women’s rights. We were honored to help her create a brand for her book, as well as a corresponding website for her readers to engage with.


Our Design Story

Designing the book cover was the first step in creating Mrs. Teriba’s brand identity. Such a personal story called for her personality to be placed front and center, and so our cover design started with a portrait. She looks into the distance, inviting readers to take some time to see the world from her perspective. We very intentionally chose a color scheme of gold and white: white to portray the purity of heart and openness required to share a personal story, and gold to showcase the enrichment that Mrs. Yetunde Teriba felt privileged to experience during her life, playing off of the book’s title. 


Spreading the Word

We also aided Mrs. Teriba in marketing her book by designing a website rooted in the book’s branding. We leveraged our expertise to help her create a strategy for bringing her books to market and sharing her story.