Serenity Home HealthCare

Providing Compassionate & Professional Care

Web Development • Brand Identity • Marketing Assets • Business Cards


The Serenity Way

A rapidly growing company in the home healthcare space, Serenity needed a website and marketing materials that would help them connect an expanding team of caregivers with patients who needed care. Taking into account the company’s user demographics, we expanded its branding to build a full suite of web pages, marketing assets, and business cards.


Our Design Story

Serenity wanted a brand identity that would convey an inviting sense of calm and trust. To accomplish this, we paired a light green with the darker green already in the company’s existing logo. 

Screen Shot 2019-06-24 at 1.21.24 PM

A Web Presence

The Serenity asked us to create a website that would serve a dual purpose of recruiting new caregivers as well as patients. We created specific calls-to-action for those looking for employment but kept them out of the way of the site’s main service information. Thinking about the demographic Serenity serves—mainly elderly and disabled individuals—we used large font sizes and kept the design incredibly clean and easy to navigate, promoting accessibility.