Lighttouch Productions

Touching lives with light

Web Development

What is Lighttouch Productions?

A creative production company needs a comprehensive, multimedia approach when it comes to branding. That’s why we designed Lighttouch Production’s website in a dynamic, experiential way that heavily utilizes video and photography. We touched up the company’s existing logo and brand colors to pull the site together and draw in customers.

Our Design Story

One of Lighttouch Production’s main offerings is their studio space, available for rent. We wanted to take prospective customers into the space and show them around so that they could make an informed booking decision. On the homepage, we combined a large auto-play video of the studio with calls to action like a “Take a Tour” and “Work with Us” to help users find the information they need. We wove in a revised version of the existing logo and colors to keep the company’s brand recognition strong.