Christ Healing Evangelic Church

You’re Welcome Here.

Web Development • Video Production • Photography • Engagement Tabs

What is CHEC?

Christ Healing Evangelical Church, or CHEC, in South Holland, Ill., is a thriving community of supportive and dedicated churchgoers, but its prior online presence was not doing it justice. The church challenged Kingdom Branding to design a new website that would be welcoming to current and prospective members alike. We responded with an engaging interface that placed the member experience front and center through video and photography.

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Our Design Story

After engaging with the client community, we realized that the best way to convey CHEC’s culture and energy to prospective members was to show it. We attended services and church events with our video production team to capture the passion of this vibrant community on camera. We then designed the new website around videos and photos that showcased what it meant to be a member of this community. We also created a navigation bar with easily actionable items like “give” and “contact.”