Claim Your Story: How to Harness Your History for a Purposeful Brand

Storytelling can increase brand conversions by up to 30 percent! Furthermore, 62 percent of business-to-business (B2B) marketers say storytelling is an effective content marketing tactic.

Why does storytelling produce great results? Sharing your brand’s story makes people want to learn about your business and what you sell. Communicating your brand’s story separates you from the competition and creates better relationships with your target customers. It also helps people relate to your business, and the more relatable you are, the more likely people will support you (i.e., buy products and services).

Our team at Kingdom Branding knows how important it is to claim and share your story. We also know it can be intimidating to figure out where to start.

Below, you’ll learn more about the power of storytelling. You’ll also learn to harness your history effectively and build a purposeful, powerful brand.

What Is Brand Storytelling?

Brand storytelling uses authentic and emotional stories to expand businesses’ reach and foster customer or client loyalty.

A Brief History of Storytelling

Many marketing aficionados credit John Deere and “The Furrow” magazine as one of the first examples of brand storytelling.

In 1931, John Deere used the Furrow to educate farmers on new technology and how to use it, rather than directly selling their equipment. The magazine still thrives online today.

What Makes Brand Storytelling Powerful?

Brand storytelling has been a powerful tool for companies of all kinds for nearly a century. Why has it persisted for so long? Brand stories significantly impact audiences because — regardless of the subject or business type — they share the following characteristics:


Sharing your brand’s history adds authenticity and showcases its originality. Don’t try to blend in with the crowd. Instead, find what makes your brand memorable and stand out.


The best brand stories are simple. They follow a recognizable format — the main character encounters a problem, solves it, and achieves success — and make it easy for readers/listeners/viewers to apply the message.


Speaking of applying messages, the best brand stories are also relatable and relevant. They allow people to see themselves in the story and understand how they can incorporate your business’s products or services into their lives.


Compelling storytelling also includes a sense of purpose. It explains the positive effect you strive to have on the world and invites others to join you in your mission.

It’s Time to Tell Your Story

Work with us at Kingdom Branding to tell your story and foster a stronger connection with your audience.

How Marketing Captures Your Audience

The average American sees between 4,000 and 10,000 ads daily. Telling your brand’s story and connecting it to a greater purpose separates your promotional materials from the thousands of others people see each day.

The better you are at distinguishing your brand from others, the more likely people are to engage with your content — and, eventually, invest in your products or services. 

Structure Your Brand Story for Success

Weaving your brand’s history into a meaningful story establishes a sense of purpose and builds stronger relationships.

These tips can help you structure your story effectively:

Assess Your Brand’s Essence. Think of a few keywords that describe your brand. These words make up its essence.

For example, the essence of the action camera brand GoPro is an adventure, excitement, and positivity — elements that shine through in all the brand’s marketing materials.

Identify the Hero. The hero could be a specific person — think Steve Jobs and Apple — or a particular mission — think Patagonia and its mission to protect the environment.

Create Tension. In brand storytelling, tension is the particular problem the hero must solve.

Share a Mission Statement. Your mission statement is a brief message that summarizes your brand’s story and tells people what you’re all about.

Be Consistent. Resist the urge to rewrite your brand’s story frequently. Keep it consistent — otherwise, people will struggle to feel connected to your purpose.

Claim Your Story Today

Storytelling is an incredible tool for brands that want to differentiate themselves from the competition, deliver a more authentic message, and clearly explain the purpose driving their products or services.

Effective storytelling includes:

  • Defining your brand’s essence.
  • Identifying a hero.
  • Creating tension.
  • Sharing a specific mission statement.

Do you need help claiming your story and communicating with your audience? If so, we’re here for you at Kingdom Branding.

We’re committed to providing state-of-the-art branding and marketing services. We will work alongside you to develop a unique brand identity and specially curated marketing strategy. Contact us at Kingdom Branding today to start telling your brand’s story.

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