Branding done right

We provide state-of-the-art brand and marketing services that are curated to your needs. We believe that our clients come to us because we have an all-round solution to what they need. We pride ourselves with well thought out yet swift designs and workflows. Some of our services include Brand Strategy, Web Development, Social Media Strategy, Digital Marketing, Advertising and many more.

Our Purpose

We exist to change our world through creative problem-solving. We see our clients as partners in this venture. It stems from our belief in leadership. We believe leaders are people and organizations who initiate change due to a desire to see a vision and act on it. We can forge a better future one solution at a time.

Our Promise

We promise to take your vision and make it beautiful. Give us a seed, and we’ll make it a plant. Give us a pinch of sand, and we’ll make it a pearl. Give us a lump of clay, and we’ll make it a mountain. Our team is committed to providing excellent service. We go above and beyond to create beautiful and functional solutions. 

Our Capabilities


Our designers work together with you to create a cohesive, systematic plan for launching and sustaining your brand. We do our best to understand your goals, challenges, target audience, and brand personality. Through user-driven research, we gather key insights from your industry that would lead to a successful market entrance or indisputable competitive advantage.


Our UI/UX designers work with you to create user-friendly, meaningful, and engaging web experiences. We believe design is a means of communication. If a picture is worth a thousand words, imagine the impact of good design. We provide good design.


We believe branding is a customer’s perception of a product, service, or company. Our team works with you to create an identity that is unique to you and one that your target audience will come to love. We achieve this by gathering your ideas, tone, messaging, personality, and fitting them in one cohesive brand language.


We specialize in high performance, conversion-focused, and delightful web experiences. We offer a unique combination of creative and technical expertise. We use the latest technology to build user-friendly, mobile-optimized, and fully immersive sites that place your brand story and vision at the forefront.

Social Media

We cannot stress the importance of social media engagement. Social media has come to stay, and it can be a way to connect to your audience in ways other brands cannot. Our social media team works with you to create amazing designs and engaging content that can stand the test of time. With the use of KB social, our robust social media platform, be rest assured that you would get a quick return on your investment.

Digital Marketing

From printing to digital marketing, we are your creative partner that does it all. We provide paid ads across multiple platforms and networks, create clean and professionally designed landing pages, and we’ll provide monthly reports that give insight on your reach, leads, clicks, and conversions. We do our very best to ensure that our clients grow.

Our Pack

Rotimi Kehinde


Rotimi Kehinde

The Roar King

Erik Beckwith

Full Stack Developer

Erik Beckwith

Chef Boyardee

Zach Smelcer

Junior Developer

Zach Smelcer

The Rocker

Stephanie Picado

Creative Director

Stephanie Picado

Environmentally Friendly

Essy Rodriguez

SEO Strategist

Essy Rodriguez

A Kind Soul

Molly Lanfear

Digital Lead

Molly Lanfear

Norah's Human

Melissa Hernádez

Business Development Lead/ Executive Assistant to the CEO

Melissa Hernández

Sensitive Sally

Pappy France


Pappy France

Outdoor Extraordinaire

Norah Lanfear

Chief Cuddles Officer

Norah Lanfear

Molly's Master