A Brand To Be Reckoned With

Brand Consciousness, The Naked Truth.

“The only way to own markets is to own market dominant brands.”

Ralph Wright

Brand consciousness gives products and services human-like souls so brand-conscious consumers can express their essence. Dominant brands live and breathe brand consciousness. Brand-conscious customers already exist. They find pleasure in making purchases that are related to their social identity. Social identity purchases provide consumers a sense of individualism and self-expression. 

Are you an Apple, Nike, or Target type of person? 

Brand awareness creates dominant brands that integrate their products and services into the lifestyles and purchase habits of brand-conscious consumers, like Apple, Nike, or Target. Brand consciousness seeks to guide the purchase decision process, so consumers do not have to think twice before buying and becoming customers.

Perception and quality are the two main reasons why brand-conscious consumers would choose to buy from a generic store brand vs. a designer or a recognized brand. The secret is in quality-perception or perceived quality.

Brand dominance provides space for companies to compete in the market. To build brand dominance, a company needs to build brand equity. Brand equity is the relationship consumers create with your brand. A brand-conscious consumer will develop a relationship based on the assets, benefits, faults, liabilities associated with a companies’ brand name, logo, and symbols. 

Brand-conscious consumers perceive quality. They are unable to be touched, but they can feel it. They can grasp it in seconds. Dominant brands use image associations to remind their customers that their brand name and logo is related to beneficial and positive outcomes. 

Apple products represent credibility. That is why their customers trust them. When Apple’s customers see the Apple logo and brand name, their brain associates the image with good outcomes and excellent benefits. 

If your company is looking to have a Brand To Be Reckoned With, such as Apple, Nike, or Target, keep in mind that this process will require careful thinking about the social identity purchases and the brand-conscious consumer. This process often needs a brand design team that understands brand consciousness. 

A brand design team can be a great addition to your team. If your company is yet to have one, here are some tips that may help you choose the right one. 

Seek a brand design agency that partners with you. A brand design agency that is all about the partnership will take the time to: 

  1.  Listen to your brand story carefully
  2. Gather all the data that makes the most impact

When selecting a brand design agency, seek an equal partnership. An equal partner who has your best interest at heart and who will professionally guide your brand image, logo, and design journey through problem-solving, turning your brand into a Brand To Be Reckoned With, not just a brand. Keep in mind that dominant brands live and breathe brand consciousness! 

At Kingdom Branding, our mission is to use our creativity for good through partnering with brands that rule. Our approach to building your brand begins at the source: you. We don’t pretend to know you or your industry better than you do – we work alongside you to bring your brand and vision to life with beautiful, professional, clean designs – whether that be for your website, social media graphics, or digital advertisements. If you would like to learn more, visit our website and work with us at Kingdom Branding

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